Worcester Tenants Union

Bringing housing under the control of the people who live in it.

our solidarity is our strength.

united to empower tenants.

we are building a mass movement of tenants and working-class people with the power to bring housing under the control of the people who live in it.

We see the wave of high rents expanding out from Boston and development in the city as a threat to working-class tenants in Worcester, who are caught between displacement and living under slumlords who profit by neglecting repairs and maintenance.

We believe that tenants and working-class people can come together to build the power to de-commodify housing. By building relationships with our neighbors, we can organize to become collectively strong enough to pressure landlords to lower rents, make repairs, and stop evictions.

Join us in taking action against landlords by reaching out to your neighbors, finding out what you have in common, and working together to take care of each other. We provide resources, tactical advice, and a network for tenants who want to organize. Facing eviction or other housing struggles and want to fight back? Reach out to our hotline at 1-508-556-0639 you are not alone!

WTU is a member of the Autonomous Tenants Union Network (ATUN-RSIA).
WTU is the tenants’ union for all tenants in the Worcester area. To find a tenants’ union near you, visit Tenants Unions — Autonomous Tenants Union Network (atun-rsia.org)